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Honoring Mother Nature

1. We must protect, preserve and appreciate the Earth, and not take our environment for granted.

The Earth provides us everything we need to exist: air, food, water, shelter, etc. And just as we would offer gratitude and act respectfully to any person who provided us those life-giving items, we must act the same way toward the Earth. Before COVID, we were not being our best selves toward the environment. But the lock-down forced us to slow down, which allowed the Earth a brief respite from the accelerating impact of human activity. Judaism teaches us that the Earth needs to rest. Just as humans need to rest every 7 days (Shabbat), we need to let the Earth rejuvenate with a shmitayear every 7 years, and every 50 years, we need to let it rest for the yovel year. Judaism even has an annual holiday to focus our attention on the environment, Tu B’Shvat. This week we celebrated Tu B’Shvat, so at this special time, let’s recommit to taking care of our environment and respecting the Earth just a little bit more.

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