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Watch some of Zack's speeches & other performances

The Cities of Slaughter

In 1904, Hayim Nahman-Bialik wrote "The City of Slaughter" to commemorate the Kishinev pogrom of 1903. This original poem commemorates the pogrom of Oct. 7, 2023. 

The History of the OFJCC
Oshman Family JCC

In his annual "State of the J" speech, Zack took a different tact in 2023 and did a rap for part of it. Go straight to 3:30 for the good stuff.

Diaspora-Israel Relations without an Asterisk
Z3 2022

In his opening speech at the 2022 Z3 Conference, Zack asks if it's possible to create a relationship between Israel and the Diaspora that is asterisk-free.

Are We One People, or Two?
Z3 2019

In his opening speech at the 2019 Z3 Conference, Zack asks if the Jewish People are indeed one People, or not. 

What is Z3?
Oshman Family JCC

In his address to the 2019 Israel and World Jewry Conference, Haaretz, of which Z3 was a sponsor, Zack addressed a crowd of over 2,000 people and explained the core ideas of the Z3 Project.

Judaism 4.0
TEDx Talks

Jewish identity has evolved over its 3,000 year history. Are we now in the midst of the next evolution of this ancient tradition? How will it remain meaningful, relevant, and joyous for the next millennia? Zack shares his thoughts on how we are on the eve of an evolution to the next era of Jewish Peoplehood - 4.0.

Things Happen For A Reason

When an annual boys' trip takes an unexpected turn, things became hairy. But then it turns out that things just might happen for a reason....

Find Your Own Community
Kehillah Jewish Community High School Graduation 2019

Everyone is hard-wired to seek two things in life: meaning and belonging. We all need a purpose in life and we all want a connection to something bigger than ourselves. And these priorities are linked, so finding your community can actually give your life meaning. This is the message Zack brought to the graduating class of 2019 for Kehillah Jewish Community High School.

Breaking Glass
JCC Global in Jerusalem, Nov. 4, 2015

Zack speaks to 500 leaders from Jewish Community Centers around the world and brings the message that to engage the next generation of Jews, we need to break some glass.

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