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Leadership matters

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

3. Leadership matters.

As we celebrate President’s Day Weekend, I cannot overstate the importance of strong, reliable, trustworthy leadership. As we have battled COVID for the past year, we have oscillated between trusting our leaders and doubting them. From the highest levels of government in our country to our local medical officers charged with implementing the laws in each county, we have alternated between faith and frustration, hope and exasperation, willingness to follow and the need to protest. Jewish tradition is filled with stories of strong leaders who make all the difference in times of crisis. Moses led the Israelites out of slavery but they continued to worry, doubt, and question him all along the way. Nevertheless, his incomparable leadership kept them united through forty years of wandering in the desert. Joshua had to lead in Moses’ footsteps, no easy task, but he embraced the transition of power, defeated Israel’s enemies and led the people into the Promised Land. On this President’s Day Weekend, let’s hope that as we transition to new leadership in the US, we will ushered into a Promised Land free from COVID in the very near future.

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