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We must be adaptable

Jews have adapted over the centuries. We adapted our lifestyles to different leaders ruling over us inside and outside Israel. We adapted our religious practices when we had the Holy Temples and then again after they were destroyed. We also adapted as science evolved, too—Shabbat elevators and appliances that eliminated the need to press an electronic button.

So, too, have we adapted during COVID. We hosted Passover Seders, bar mitzvahs and High Holiday services on Zoom. We sent our kids to virtual school. We moved our restaurants and fitness centers outside. And we are not done.

Going forward, we may be asked to change plans. We may be asked to wear masks in inconvenient places. We may be asked to limit capacity at our events. And yes, we may be asked to get a vaccine booster.

One of our greatest strengths as a people is our adaptability. So as we move to this next phase of COVID, let’s adapt—for all our sakes.

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